La Belle Personne, 2008, Christophe Honoré

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dany + getting real tired of your shit

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Leee Black Childers, Photographer of Counterculture, Dies at 68 via the New York Times.

- David Bowie on the Transiberian Express in 1973.

- The New York Dolls in New York City in 1971.

- Iggy Pop in Los Angeles in 1973.

- Debbie Harry in New York City in 1976.

- Robert Mapplethorpe in New York City in 1969.

- Divine in New York City in 1974.

- Andy Warhol and Jackie Curtis in The Factory in 1970.

- Holly Woodlawn in Union Square in 1969.

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Patti Smith, Austin Opera House, 1978 by Scott Newton

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I’m like a British mother impregnated by American sperm.

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